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Tagading®Software solutions for high-class community and resource management

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We are Tagading®

Your digitalization team for online collaboration and process automation.

On our Tagading® platform we realize for you and your community the perfect solution.

Registrations, Reservations and Resource Management

What is Tagading®?

Tagading® is a cross-industry software solution for retail, service companies, associations, clubs, educational and leisure facilities.

Our customers include universities as well as commercial enterprises, research institutions and start-ups.


Our fields of strength

The Tagading® platform is focused on four key areas of strength:

  • Group, user and account management
  • Media processing and automation
  • Workflow optimization and automation
  • Messaging

Our Experience

We are technology partners in national and international research projects, have been supervising e-commerce solutions and solutions for educational institutions.

The topics range from digital commerce, medicine and education to mobility, Sustainability and energy.